Sweet Karaoke Party (10-40 guests)

Sugar Crestline

Regular price $200.00

Karaoke Parties are designed for more guests to enjoy candy shopping. This is a private event only due to the noise and space needed. 

Price is $200 for 10 kids, $15 each additional child. Up to 40 children. Due to spacing, we encourage children to be dropped off for this event under the supervision of your party attendant and host family. 

Event includes a candy container to fill, cupcake, and shaved ice for each guest. 

As the guests arrive, they are given a container to fill during candy shopping time which lasts approx 15 minutes. Next, they'll sit for cupcakes and shaved ice and sing the birthday song. The event ends with dancing and music. The birthday child is in charge of music and picking performers to entertain the guests. 

Event time: Strict 50 minutes to allow for cleanup for next event. Private events are Sunday on the hour. Weeknights are possible after 6pm by request. 

**Please note for parties with more than 20 guests, it is not possible to sit for cupcakes. Instead the guests will be given a cupcake in a take home box as a favor at the end of the event. The birthday song will be moved to begin the karaoke. 

The base price is $200 up to 10 guests. Each additional guest is $15.