Willy Wonka Party (8-20 guests)

Sugar Crestline

Regular price $25.00

This event is all about making new candy inventions!

Guests will love being candy workers at this event. Guests will fill a container with candy and use their loot to make a candy sculpture using toothpicks, candy lace, and icing. Once complete, children will independently vote on their favorite using candy coins. The guests with the most coins wins a special prize with additional prizes awarded for tastiest, most colorful, and most creative.

All children then head to the shaved ice station to special order a limited edition shaved ice complete with their choice of candy toppings. The birthday child is welcome to invent this concoction before the event for all to enjoy. 

The event ends with cupcake time and the birthday song with music of the birthday child's choice. 

Present Opening as time allows.

Limited to 8 guests during regular hours or 20 guests for a private event. Due to spacing, we strongly recommend guests being dropped off to be under the supervision of your party attendants and host family. 

Strict 50 minute event to allow cleaning for the next party. 

Public Reservation Hours: 11-8 Mon-Saturday. No events allowed from 3-4pm. $25 per child up to 8. 

Private Reservations: 12-4 Sunday. $200 for up to 10 children and $15 each additional guest. 

No outside food or drink is allowed. Please ask your party host if you need additional items.