Candy Cupcake Decorating Event (2-20 guests)

Sugar Crestline

Regular price $35.00

This cupcake decorating event is fun for all ages 3+.

The event begins with each guest filling a container with candy of their choice from our wall of 200+ candies. We'll sing the birthday song to your child and then its time for cupcake decorating! Each child will use the sweets from their own bag and tubes of our icing and dipping cups of toppings to decorate their cupcake. The basic package includes 2 cupcakes. Take out boxes are provided.

Shaved Ice Treats finish up the event. 

Strict 50 minute party time to enable us to prepare for the next event. 

Please note, the timing of this party does not allow for present opening. 

During public business hours, we accept reservations for our party table on the hour M-Saturday 11-8pm. Our seating area is limited so we strongly recommend having a drop off event with just the birthday child's family so everyone can watch the party. The adults are seated on a white couch directly behind the party table. The guests at this event are limited to 8 due to seating. 

Public Hours Pricing (Monday- Saturday Reservations 11-8 on the hour: 

2 guest: $35

3 guests: $55

4 guests: $75

5 guests: $95

6 guests $115

7 guests: $135

8 guests $150

Private Events: 

up to 8 guests $200 (additional candy given for less than 8 guests)

each additional guest $18