City Regulation: Customers over age 2 are required to wear masks inside the store.

Birthday Party (2-10 guests)

Sugar Crestline

Regular price $36.00

This cupcake decorating event is fun for all ages 3+.

The event begins with each guest picking candy from our wall of 200+ candies to fill a container. Due to Covid regulations, they will be assisted by a candy attendant with mask and gloves. Then its time for cupcake decorating on the patio which is reserved just for you! Each child will use the sweets from their own bag to decorate then eat their cupcake. 

Shaved Ice Treats finish up the event.

Strict 50 minute party time to enable us to prepare for the next event. 

No outside food or drink.

Please note, the timing and location of this party does not allow for present opening. 

During business hours, we accept reservations for our party tables on the patio on the hour Mon-Sunday 12-4pm. Our seating area is limited so we strongly recommend having a drop off event with just the birthday child's family to ensure social distancing.  All guests are required to wear a mask inside of the store. The guests at this event are limited to 10 due to limited seating and space on the patio. The tables reserved include 2 silver cafe tables with 4 silver chairs and 1 center white party table with 6 green and white stools. 

Reservations are non-refundable. However, we will issue a gift certificate to you in the amount of your event if it is cancelled for any reason. 

Public Hours Pricing 7 Days a Week Reservations

$18 per child

2 guest: $36

3 guests: $54

4 guests: $72

5 guests: $90

6 guests $108

7 guests: $126

8 guests $144

9 guests $162


10 guests $180